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Data protection / Usage terms and conditions

These Internet pages are operated by perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG, represented by its managing directors, Walter Graf, Peter Mayr and Shalin Patel, Hammelburger Straße 21, 97717 Euerdorf, Germany.

perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG – hereafter, “perma“ - may be contacted as follows:

Telephone: +49 9704 609-0
Telefax: +49 9704 609-50

E-mail: info@perma-tec.com

The Internet site contains informational offerings for perma’s products and services.

By using these Internet pages, you declare your agreement with the following terms and conditions.

§ 1 Exclusion of liability

(1) perma shall neither be liable for content and programmes which are available upon perma’s web site nor for damages which are created from them unless such damages have been caused by perma owing to intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence. This shall apply to damages of all types, particularly damages which can be caused by errors, delays or disruptions in the transmission of data, breakdowns of the technical equipment and service, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses or in some other way through the use of this online offering. perma shall assume no responsibility for the content, freedom from errors, legality and functionality of third-party Internet pages to which perma’s web site makes reference by means of links. The user visits other sites via links at his own risk.

(2) If information, software or documentation is provided free of charge, then any liability for material and legal defects of the information, software or documentation, particularly for its correctness, freedom from errors, freedom from third-party copyrights and proprietary rights, completeness and/or usability – except for intentional wrongdoing or malicious intent – is excluded.

(3) The information provided upon the perma web site may include specifications or general descriptions of technical capabilities for products which must not always be available in the individual case (e.g. owing to product changes). The desired product features must thus be agreed in the individual case when purchase is made.

(4) The liability of perma for material and legal defects shall be in accordance with the provisions of § 1 Para. 2 of these usage terms and conditions. Otherwise, any liability of perma is excluded unless mandatory liability applies, for example, owing to intentional wrongdoing, gross negligence, death, physical injury or damage to health, the offering of a warranty, malicious concealment of a defect or the violation of essential contractual obligations. Damage compensation owing to the violation of essential contractual obligations is nonetheless limited to the contractually typical, foreseeable damages provided that intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence does not exist.

§ 2 Copyright

The content offered via the perma web site is protected by copyright. Its use shall be subject to the applicable copyrights. Without the express prior and written consent of perma, this web site may not be changed, copied, republished, transmitted, disseminated or saved. The material offered may be used exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes subject to strict adherence to copyrights. Particularly for software, directories, data and their content which have been provided by perma for downloading, a simple, non-exclusive and non-transferable license is issued which is restricted to a one-time downloading and saving. All more extensive rights are reserved by perma. Thus, in particular, sale and any commercial use are not permitted. perma shall not be liable for the quality of access owing to force majeure or events for which perma is not responsible, particularly the breakdown of communication networks and gateways. perma shall provide no guarantee that the web site will function in a manner which is free of disruptions and errors and that any possible errors will be corrected. Likewise, no guarantee is provided that the content of the web site is correct.

§ 3 Trade marks and patent rights

perma is the owner of all patents, trademarks, logos and brand marks used on the Internet pages. No license to them is hereby being issued. The use of the trademarks, logos and brand marks is – subject to the aforementioned usage allowed – not permitted without perma’s prior written consent.
Any violation of these provisions shall obligate the user to immediately destroy all content which has been printed out or downloaded. The right is reserved to assert any further claims, including damage compensation claims.

§ 4 Protection disclaimer

Furthermore, the Internet site of perma also includes cross-references (links) to web sites and sources of other providers. perma considers these web sites and sources to concern third-party content upon which perma has no control with regards to its accessibility, design and content. The reference shall serve merely for the user’s informational purposes. Third-party content and sources which can be visited via such cross-references (links) have not been adopted by perma as its own; perma distances itself from them and is thus not responsible for them. Please review the usage and data protection terms and conditions for these third-party web sites and sources before using them.
If perma determines or is notified that a site or source has illegal content, then this cross-reference (link) shall be blocked and removed provided that this is technically possible and reasonable.

§ 5 Data protection and security

For perma, it goes without saying that we will handle your personal data responsibly. Thus, perma would like you to know that your personal data will be collected, processed, used and transmitted in accordance with applicable national and European data protection directives provided that you expressly give your approval to perma to do so.

The person in charge of data protection at perma is Mr Sebastian Schölzke. At any time, you may receive information about the data saved by perma by contacting datenschutz@perma-tec.com or via the hotline +49 9704 609- 3665.


Personal data are considered to be information which may be used to verify your identity. Included among such data is information regarding your name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number. Information which is not related to your identity (such as the number of users of the site, for example) is not considered to be included among such data.


The data protection practices of perma adhere to the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz [Federal Data Protection Act] (BDSG) as well as the Telemediengesetz [Telecommunications Act] (TMG). perma shall obtain and use your personal data exclusively for the processing of orders, use of the internal area of the perma web site or for the handling of an inquiry unless you would like to use additional services. It shall be ensured that all data collected is collected, saved, used and processed exclusively in a legally permissible manner.

Your personal data shall be saved by perma in our customer databases in order to fulfil the agreements concluded with you and to the extent that this is required for the handling of an inquiry you submit. Furthermore, this data shall, with your approval, be disseminated within our company as well as to perma’s sales partners for advertising purposes. Upon the acceptance of this declaration, you expressly approve the collection, dissemination and processing of your data in this manner. Otherwise, the following paragraphs shall apply.

You may revoke your approval of the collection and use of your personal data at any time in the future. You may do this by contacting our hotline +49 9704 609-3665 or by writing to datenschutz@perma-tec.com or perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG, Hammelburgerstr. 21, 97717 Euerdorf.

So that you can use the internal area of the perma web site, perma will need your first name, your surname, your e-mail address, your postal address (street, postal code, city), your telephone number as well as a password so that you can register with perma. When visiting the site again in the future, you will not have to enter your data again after logging in. However, you can change the data and postal address at any time. Immediately after your registration, you will receive a confirmation of this per e-mail. Your e-mail address shall function as your user name. Furthermore, perma requires an e-mail address and telephone number in order to quickly contact you for any inquiries it has and to request information related to your order or inquiries.


If you request informational materials, newsletters or brochures, perma may possibly ask you for your name and other personal information, but nonetheless at least your e-mail address. You shall be at liberty to decide whether you disclose these data. perma shall save your data upon specially protected servers in Germany. Access to this is possible for only a few specially authorised persons who are involved with the technical, commercial or editorial management of the servers. If you would no longer like to procure services, a corresponding click upon the link at the end of each newsletter suffices. Alternatively, you may write an e-mail to info@perma-tec.com or call +49 9704 609-3665.

Related to your access, data may possibly be saved upon perma’s servers for security purposes which potentially permit identification (for example, IP address, date, time of day, and pages viewed). The IP address shall not be used to identify the user and no directly personal or fictitious user profile is created. The right is reserved to make statistical analysis of anonymised data.


perma shall not make your personal data available to third parties; the aforementioned Clause (2) Para. 2 shall remain unaffected. At any time, you may review and modify your personal data. At any time, you may receive information about the data stored by perma by contacting datenschutz@perma-tec.com or +49 9704 609-3665. Furthermore, perma shall delete or block access to any data which are no longer needed in accordance with the statutory provisions or governmental directives. As with all Internet service providers, perma carries out an ongoing evaluation of the retrievals from the Internet site and the domain of your Internet provider to improve our offerings. In this regard, perma shall anonymise your personal usage data for the creation of statistical data.

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